Entering the US Market: Corporate Tax Considerations

As a manufacturer, selling your product(s) through an independent distributor is one way to enter the U.S. market without paying U.S. tax. The U.S. will seek to tax you if you have a business presence in the U.S. Agency Relationship Under general U.S. tax rules, the creation of an agency relationship (independent or otherwise) is  Read More

Temporary Visas for Entrepreneurs

In the initial phases of starting your business in the U.S., there are certain visas that are ideal for entrepreneurs looking to visit the U.S. on a temporary basis to meet with potential customers, negotiate deals, attend conferences, etc. B-1 Business Visa A B-1 visa allows employees to be admitted to the U.S. for an  Read More

Securing Your Trademark in the U.S: Best Practices for Foreign Brand Owners

When establishing a business in the U.S., intellectual property issues are a critical part of your business planning. Developing a comprehensive strategy is key in securing your intellectual property and protecting your business in the long-term. To get started there are three basic steps that all entrepreneurs should consider when entering the U.S. market. Conduct  Read More